When trouble strikes, Nautilus is there for you – wherever you may be. The Union has an extensive range of specialist services to help members experiencing employment-related problems.

If you're a Nautilus member, get in touch when you need us.

We also offer a package of discounted legal services to members and their families for issues arising outside the workplace. There's more information on all our legal services below.

Workplace issues

An Employment Tribunal (ET) in the UK is the public body to which people can refer disputes with their employer, if it has not been possible to resolve these through the internal grievance or disciplinary process. ET cases usually relate to issues such as unfair dismissal, workplace discrimination and unpaid wages.

In the Netherlands, Nautilus supports members in employment law cases by representing them in court. The Union's legal department also supports members in social security law cases and UWV appeal cases.

Nautilus supports and pays the legal fees for members' employment claims that have at least a 51% prospect of success, so when members win compensation they do not have to worry about legal costs.

Members are advised to contact the Union at the earliest opportunity if they have any sort of employment problem, as strict time limits apply to making claims. In the UK, the primary limitation period for filing for pre-conciliation with ACAS (which must be done first) is three months.

In the Netherlands, the request to object to a dismissal in court is two months, and to file a request for a compensation for the loss of employment in court is three months. Time limits vary across jurisdictions, so the sooner you notify the Union, the less chance there will be of missing the time limit.

Certificate protection

Nautilus membership provides you with free financial protection in the event of your certificate being cancelled or suspended following a formal inquiry.

If you have been involved in a maritime incident, contact the Union immediately for advice and support before making a statement or being interviewed by the police or maritime authorities.

Involvement in maritime incidents

If you have had an accident or incident at sea, you are strongly advised to contact the Union before making any statements to the authorities.

You can contact the Union directly, contact the Nautilus 247 helpline or contact a lawyer in our Worldwide Lawyers Directory in the country of your accident. Members will need their Nautilus membership number to hand for all communications with the lawyers.

Members can also download an app with a 'find a lawyer' tool made available by Seafarers' Rights International (SRI), which has compiled a list of lawyers subscribing to its Charter of Good Practice for Provision of Legal Services to Seafarers.

Personal injury claims

Nautilus supports members who have suffered an injury at work or believe they are at risk from an industrial-related disease (such as asbestos-related conditions or hearing damage). The Union will support personal injury claims where prospects of success are at least 51%.

Contact Nautilus immediately if you think you have a claim, as time limits apply. In the UK, claims must be filed within three years of the accident/becoming aware of a disease. In the Netherlands, the time limit is, in most cases, five years after the accident took place. Time limits in other jurisdictions vary, and can be shorter.

Relatives of members who have died in a work-related accident are advised to contact our legal department via telephone or email.

Other UK legal services

Nautilus Legal gives UK-based members and their families (residing in the same household) access to a wide range of legal services provided by specialist lawyers for non-work-related problems, such as family law, wills, clinical negligence, conveyancing and insolvency. To find out how to use Nautilus Legal, log in to MyNautilus.

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