Specialist tax advice

Correctly filling out tax returns can be a difficult job, particularly for seafarers who are often out of the country in which they pay tax. Support is available for members in the UK, the Netherlands and Switzerland through discounted commercial and trade union federation services.

As many UK seafarers are out of their country of residence for substantial periods of time, they can be entitled to certain tax concessions. Nautilus has negotiated relationships with a number of companies to help members take advantage of these concessions.

The Seafarers' Earnings Deduction (SED) is available for UK tax-payers. SED is not always straightforward, and Nautilus therefore recommends the specialist seafarers’ tax advice company Seatax Ltd, or the Union's strategic yacht partner Crew Family Office (CrewFO), for assistance with tax returns.

Nautilus members in the UK are entitled to a free initial consultation with Seatax to discuss their employment position and tax status. Seatax offers Nautilus members sailing under a foreign flag agreement a 10% reduction on enrolment fee and a 5% reduction on re-enrolment.

CrewFO will provide Nautilus members in the UK with a discount on either its tax returns only service, or its more comprehensive tax return and advice service 'Preferred Plus'.

The CrewFO discount is for all Nautilus members in the UK and is not exclusive to our members working in the large yacht sector.

Members who pay tax in the Netherlands can use the Netherlands trade union confederation (FNV) tax service. FNV experts can provide free help in filling tax forms and making sure members do not pay too much tax.

Members who are taxable in Basel-city and Basel-country can get help completing their tax returns from the Basel trade union federation service. Discounts are available for Nautilus members.

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