Branch conference

You don't have to wait for a General Meeting to get active in your Union. Each constituent nation of Nautilus International has its own policy-making forum known as the Branch Conference.

Branch Conferences are held each year in the UK, Netherlands and Switzerland, except in the years when there is a General Meeting. Full members can attend the conference for the Branch which holds their membership.

How Branch Conferences work

As at a General Meeting, full members (i.e. not affiliate or associate) can submit motions to a Branch Conference, which are then put to a vote of members present. If a motion is adopted, it becomes policy for that national branch and must be implemented by the National Branch Committee, under the oversight of Nautilus Council.

Motions to Branch Conferences are only for issues which affect that branch or nation, not for Union-wide matters. When motions are adopted by a vote of members at a Nautilus Branch Conference, they become resolutions which are then referred by the general secretary to the National Committee or the Council for consideration and relevant implementation.

Forms and advice for members to apply to attend the Branch meetings and submit motions are available either online in advance of the meetings, or via the Nautilus Telegraph.

An archive of resolutions adopted at previous Branch Meetings is available on this page.

The resolutions for UK Branch Meetings are in English, those for Netherlands Branch Meetings are in Dutch, and those for Switzerland Branch Meetings are in Swiss Standard German. Where no document exists, no motions were put to that Branch Conference.

Resolutions adopted UK

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