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ETF plans 'solidarity' video campaign for International Workers' Day

11 March 2020

The European Transport Workers' Federation (ETF) is calling on union members to lend their voices to a video of 'solidarity', to mark International Workers' Day on 1 May 2020.

The result would be a compilation of statements from members saying why they are part of a union. The video will be published on ETF's social media platforms.

The ETF says it wants the video to show that unions and workers across Europe are 'united and stand in solidarity across borders.

'We are all affected by the same issues and joining a union is the best way to make sure that the voices of transport workers are heard. '

ETF affiliate unions have been asked to ask members to film themselves answering the question 'Why are you part of a union? ' Members should start their answers with: 'I am in a union because…'. They can answer in their own language and answers should be around 30 seconds.

  • The technical guidelines for videos are:

    • they should be filmed horizontally, not vertically
    • the light should NEVER be behind the person being filmed
    • If they make a mistake, they should start over from the beginning of the sentence
    • if possible, there should be no background noise
    • the phone should not be moving because then footage will be shaky
    • ideally, someone should film them, instead of them filming themselves, that way footage is less shaky
    • they can stare directly into the camera because it's a statement
    • they should speak clearly

For further information, contact ETF Communications Officers Begüm Boynukalin (email: and Zala Turšič (email:


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