Press Release

Nautilus takes key role on commission on collective voice

26 September 2018

Press Release

Nautilus's general secretary, Mark Dickinson, is one of 12 Commissioners overseeing a new project exploring what happens when workers and employers come together to build better businesses and improve workplace wellbeing.

Mark joins other senior trade unionists, academics, politicians and think tank chiefs on the Works For Us Commission for Collective Voice, which launched a call for evidence in September 2018.

The Commission particularly wants to hear success stories from unions about how workers and employers have together improved ways of working to increase productivity and workplace satisfaction.

Chaired by Labour Peer, Baroness Margaret Prosser, and organised by Unions 21, the Commission is looking across the UK and beyond to find examples and ideas from academics, unions and employers themselves on how collective voice has overcome workplace challenges.

Mr Dickinson said: 'I hope our experience in shipping, trans boundary organising, and the international dimension of collective bargaining, will be interesting and relevant to others.'

Becky Wright, Unions 21 executive director said: 'The world of work is changing. Younger people are more likely and more willing to switch jobs frequently, to experience short contracts and to work in non-unionised industries, often where automation and new tech bring rapid change.

'Young professionals tell us unions need to evolve to meet these challenges. The Commission wants strong examples of where working people have been involved in discussions and decisions which have led to better business. Then we plan to share good practice and ideas with unions, employers and politicians.'

The Commission was launched in June this year in the House of Commons. Other Commissioners include: leader of the Lib Dems, Vince Cable; Labour MP, Angela Eagle; and SNP MP Neil Gray.

The call for evidence closes in January 2019. The Commission aims to launch an interim report in April 2019.

About the Commission:

WorksForUs is the name for the Unions 21 Commission on Collective Voice in the 21st Century, an 18-month project exploring how voice at work can play a positive role in the UK economy.

During the project we will gather evidence, encourage research and create a series of recommendations and examples for how collective voice can be re-imagined in an ever-changing economy.  

Alongside the Commission, Unions 21 will be working on more union-focused activities, in conjunction with our existing steering group of unions.

The main outcomes for the project are:

  • to identify the current understanding of employees, employers and public policy makers on the role and scope of collective voice and bargaining.
  • to develop and promote workable mechanisms for collective voice for the 21st century.


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