Historic Ships of the Past

Delve into our archive of ships of the past, consisting of a range of historic ships and boats with interesting and intriguing histories.

Explore the ships of the past with our maritime history archive

One of the oldest recorded types of transportation, and first built thousands of years ago, vessels have been used for varying reasons throughout history. For defence and military support, to transport passengers and cargo, for exploration and for leisure. Today, ships are built using the most cutting-edge maritime technology and marine engineering, but some of those principles were initially conceived many years ago.

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Here you can find the fact files on each of the ships of the past. With information about the build, deployment, and ownership, each ship has a colourful and interesting story. We include expert information on important and famous ships in history, from all over the world, that have been a vital part of our maritime heritage.

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Some of the most important ships in history are stored in our maritime history archive, where you can find ships from all over the world. Find out which historic ships were built in Portsmouth, Liverpool, Rotterdam or other interesting international ports from different parts of the globe. Discover answers to your questions about some of the ships that shaped our maritime heritage, such as where they were built, what they carried, how large they were, where they were deployed and more. We document the timeline of the history of each ship, from being built to its final days in operation.

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