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Nautilus International is an independent, influential, global trade union and professional organisation, committed to delivering high quality, cost-effective services to members, and welfare support to necessitous seafarers, their dependants and other maritime professionals.

Who we are

Nautilus International is a trade union and professional organisation serving, supporting and protecting the interests of more than 20,000 maritime professionals in the UK, Netherlands and Switzerland.

Meet members

Nautilus International represents 20,000 maritime professionals including ship masters (captains), officers, officer trainees (cadets) and shipping industry personnel, such as ship pilots, inland navigation workers, vessel traffic services operators (similar to air traffic control), harbourmasters, seafarers in the oil and gas industry, and shore-based staff.

What we do

The day-to-day activities of Nautilus International are highly varied and we pursue every possible avenue to improve the working lives of our members.

Where we work

Nautilus International has members in waterborne transport sectors all over the world – from deepsea oil tankers to river cruises.

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Strategic plan

This is the Nautilus International strategic plan for 2019-2023.


Nautilus International strives to be a transparent and well governed organisation, with policies and regulations readily available to members, and to provide a high quality service to our members.

Service commitment

Our Statement of Service describes what you can expect as a member of Nautilus and the procedures to follow if you have a complaint.


Nautilus International works with numerous other bodies, in a variety of ways. The main organisations we have partnerships with are listed on this page.

Voice of the maritime industry

Nautilus International is the voice of maritime professionals, at sea and ashore. We have a say on all the major issues affecting our members at national, European and global levels.

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