Nautilus International is both a professional organisation and a trade union.

This means supporting members to ensure they have the skills and training they need to become more active within the Union and to get the most from their careers.

The Union holds training events and seminars across the UK, Netherlands and Switzerland for members.

Training events include basic and advanced training for lay representatives, as well as specialised training on issues reported via our forums, such as diversity and particular difficulties facing women at sea.

Nautilus also periodically runs seminars in the UK and Netherlands and Switzerland to help members understand maritime legislation such as the Maritime Labour Convention. Another well-received seminar run by the Union has been on criminalisation – clarifying the extent of crew members' liability following a maritime incident, what action to take and how the Union can help. In Switzerland, the Union has also held seminars on green shipping to foster further understanding.

Nautilus training courses are offered free of charge to members, and non-members can sometimes attend for a fee.

To find out when the next Union training courses and seminars are coming up, see the Events calendar.

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