Nautilus is the world-leading specialist trade union for superyacht crew. We can support you wherever you are from and wherever you work.

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Superyacht crew can be vulnerable to issues like non-payment of wages, issues with repatriation, termination, bullying, harassment and even criminalisation. In 2020 alone Nautilus recovered 720,000 euros in unpaid wages for our members that work on yachts.

Meanwhile, keeping vital documentation like sea service verification up to date can be time-consuming and expensive.

That's why Nautilus International offers representation to yachting professionals everywhere, regardless of their country of nationality or residence.

With Nautilus in their corner, members can go away to work safe in the knowledge that they will be supported if they face any difficulties.

Nautilus has also developed an industry leading Service Record Book, available free of charge to members, which speeds up the certification process at the Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA). This process is soon to be digitalized for a modern, environmentally friendly, smooth process that will be completely paperless and will not require any scanning or printing.

And as well as providing support with individual issues, Nautilus members are also part of a union that is more than 20,000 strong, working in every part of the maritime industry. By organising together, the Union can put pressure on governments and international organisations to deliver change.

Don't go to sea without Nautilus on your side.

YachtNeeds app

Nautilus has teamed up with the makers of the YachtNeeds app to help yacht sector members access the Union's services, wherever they are. Described as a 'concierge app', YachtNeeds provides crews with easy access to listings and other information in the various ports they visit.

Nautilus information is listed under the Crew Advice and Assistance section in all categories. Visit YachtNeeds for more information and advice on how to download the app.

Disclaimer: Nautilus is not responsible or liable for the content provided in the YachtNeeds app or the external website listed.

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