Sea Service Verification

Members working in the large yacht sector are urged to take advantage of the Union's industry-leading Service Record Book (SRB) which is available free of charge to members.

As part of the verification process, the Nautilus SRB records qualifying sea service for certification. Nautilus has worked closely with the MCA in developing this facility for yachting members. 

Sea service verification

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) Marine Information Note (MIN) 543 (M) describes arrangements for the  verification of sea service for seafarers working in the large yacht sector. Nautilus are one of only two providers authorised by the MCA to verify sea time on their behalf.

Get your yacht sea time sorted

To ensure a quick turnaround, follow our checklist:


  • Complete your testimonial – ensure an up-to-date contact email address is also included for the signatory/vessel
  • Ensure you have included the relevant breakdown of your sea time i.e. actual sea service/stand-by/yard/watchkeeping, regardless of your rank. If it is not on the SST, it is not verified and included in the SRB
  • Ensure you have also calculated your time on board correctly, i.e. watchkeeping time cannot exceed sea time.
  • All testimonials should include your rank.
  • Remember to retain all original signed and stamped testimonials
  • If you are on the same vessel for several years, recording each voyage as a separate testimonial is not required (the discharge book is the correct place for this information)
  • Please note that we only verify yacht sea time on vessels of 15m and above.

Proof of ID (only required for first-time verifications)

  • We require an attested copy of your passport to confirm your identity. It should provide your full name and signature, be stamped (if possible), and contain wording along the lines of ‘I confirm this is a true likeness of…’

Service Record Book (SRB)

  • For Nautilus to produce the SRB, members need to complete a template which forms the front ID page of the book
  • Any entries not made by Nautilus in the SRB must match the SST for audit purposes, otherwise they will be subject to alteration by our SRB Administrator

The Union has also produced a sea service testimonal template and a handy guide to the verification process for members.

Who administers the Nautilus SRB?

The SRB is administered from the Union's Wallasey office.

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