Our strategy

Nautilus International's core aims are to be an independent and influential global trade union and professional organisation, giving high quality and cost-effective services to our members. To deliver those goals, we set clear targets that are directly developed to meet your needs.

Nautilus works to clear and defined principles – with a mission to serve, support and protect the interests of our members. We are led by and are accountable to our members, and our goals are developed with staff and officials in response to the policies that members set through the democratic processes of the Union.

We have a clear and regularly-reviewed strategy to meet the needs and aspirations of members, based on organisation, recruitment, retention, engagement and empowerment. Members are able to shape that strategy from the outset – with the Union having an open and democratic structure that encourages debate and discussion to ensure our polices are focused on creating positive change for maritime professionals.

We encourage members to take an active role in shaping the way in which we work, and offer opportunities to get involved at every level, from helping colleagues as workplace lay representatives to taking part in our policy-making General Meetings.

Nautilus regularly surveys members to get their insight on the issues that matter – anything from the benefits and services that the Union provides, to connectivity at sea or the changes in shipboard working conditions. And members get the chance to feed directly into the negotiations on their pay and conditions, with officials regularly seeking views on the contents of the claims.

We work closely with a wide range of national and international organisations to turn these objectives into reality. Nautilus is the voice for maritime professionals with government, employers, union federations, the International Maritime Organisation and other agencies.

'Nautilus never rests in its ambition to do the very best for its members. And the Union is its members – with our objectives, policies and procedures all produced in direct response to members' needs. Our strategic goals reflect the views and experiences of our members, and the dynamic and often challenging environment in which they work.'

Mark Dickinson, Nautilus International general secretary

'Nautilus runs a tight ship – using members' subscriptions wisely to provide an unrivalled level of service and support to maritime professionals wherever their work takes them. The economics of the shipping industry are notoriously up and down, but we work to give the Union a sound financial footing and to ensure that members not only get the pay and conditions they deserve, but also decent pensions and welfare services once their careers are over.'

Olu Tunde, Nautilus International assistant general secretary

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